Massage Therapy & Body Treatments

Swedish Massage

The traditional approach to massage therapy using soft flowing strokes that are focused on relaxation and stress relief of the body and mind. 

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $105

Deep Tissue

Targets specific muscles with deeper pressure to release tension, ease chronic discomfort and to promote pain relief and healing.  

60 minutes  $85

90 minutes  $125

Hot Stone 

Smooth, rounded basalt stones are gently heated and used by the therapist as extensions of his or her hands. The weight and radiant heat of the stones combined with a calming oil penetrates muscle tissue, inducing deep relaxation without overheating.

60 minutes: $95

90 minutes: $130

Mommy To Be

Once past your first trimester, this massage can help relieve lower back, leg and foot pain caused by the changes in body structure and the retention of fluid due to pregnancy. For the safety of your baby, and your peace of mind, we may request a doctor’s note before the start of treatment.

60 minutes $85

The Focus

Just as the name says-this treatment focuses on a specific area of the body to help relieve stress and provide pain relief.

30 minutes $50

Exhale Soothing Body Polish

Using a customized blend of hydration and exfoliation, this a simple body treatment with profound results. Enjoy a gentle exfoliation that both renews and refreshes the skin. Completing the renewal is a generous application of body crème for an all over silky, smooth appearance.  (Please refrain from shaving or waxing the day of treatment)


Add to a massage $45

Treatment Infusions:

Aromatherapy $10